The Brains & Muscles

Ahmad Hijazi

CMO. You know that guy who always asks "have I gained weight?", well here he is. Yes Ahmad, you have gained weight after having 3 burgers, 2 pizzas, a box of fries and a DIET coke.

Alaa El Hariri

Graphic Designer. Deadlines? Pshhhh… They call them dead for a reason.

Anthony Essaye

Software Engineer. Aside from developing killer mobile apps, Anthony is a musician and a major foodie. Legend says that he once ate a burger 3 times his own size, while playing the guitar standing on one foot, in under 1 minute.

Carine Teyrouz

UX/UI. We are all just icons floating in a user journey, wanting to be found.

Ghina Chammas

The Eco-friendly content manager. The first thing Ghina does when she gets to the office is check on the plants. Someone should tell her to go easy on the paper though.

Mario Hayek

Back-end engineers are usually security freaks, but Mario plays on a different level. No one in the office is ever allowed to create their own password. His idea of a simple password is W:gjkhY*&DT G;shad{(&ER^ z9643796pdyf;usfa89[xXXx,kjbas

Stefano Fallaha

CEO. A young entrepreneur who launched his first company when he was under 20 and one of Forbes 30 under 30 in the Middle East. Stefano enjoys long walks on the beach and using annoying keyboards that can be heard 2 miles away.


Industry Experts


Ramzi Farah

Tara Nehme

Oussama Glilah

Christopher Schroeder

Rabih Nassar

Roland Daher